Fabulosity on a budget- the Sample edition.

So we already covered what you might want to spend the big bucks on next up let’s talk about getting awesome stuff on the cheap.

I know that a lot of us are working looks that don’t require a lot of stuff. That is awesome. I on the other hand (after years of rocking strictly cat eye liner and lip color) have discovered a lust for color.

Not only color but lots of different colors. Somewhere around my 30th birthday I blew up with color.

I also love experimenting.

My philosophy and how I do it are as follows.

I am not afraid to try something cheap. This is paramount. If I see something at the drug store or where ever that looks like it might be pretty and I have five or ten dollars I will try it. And the thing to remember when you’re experimenting is that stuff does not have to look the way it looks on the package.  And sometimes you just have to play with something before you figure it out.

Next- teach yourself to apply loose eye shadow. There are mega butt tons of awesome tutorials on youtube and this rule applies to my next rule.

Get to know your small companies.


My personal love affair with loose shadows started with randomly stumbling on Fyrinnae a long while back. Not only are they super nice people (no really they are awesome folks HI GUYS!) but, they make excellent affordable cosmetics. I’ve long said that hand crafted things make me feel fancy and Fyrinnae was my first dalliance with this kind of fancy. And most importantly they offer samples. Most pigment/loose shadow samples from the companies I shop with are plenty to use for quite awhile. And remember you don’t have to buy the bigger more expensive product, if you’re like me unless you are butt over tea kettle in love with a color you want more.

The next thing to really get me is Mac pigments. Mac Cosmetics are awesome but, pricy. I joined some Mac Cosmetics communities on LJ and have a nice little collection of sample sized (1/4 tablespoon or so) pigments that have lasted me a long time. If you’re not on LJ I also suggest a company called The Body Needs. I have ordered from them several times and always been satisfied. Mac fabulous on a Wet N Wild budget.

I am also butt over tea kettle for Aromaleigh. Also the owner is good people. So many beautiful colors to choose from and there are always extra samples. I really love their products a lot.

And next up, my homegirl’s company Detrivore Cosmetics. I know the owner and lemme just say she is pretty awesome and if you recall I debuted her line right here at The Cheekan. For another peek have a looksy at this look (this is over at flickr.) Her colors are hand crafted as well and just freaking gorgeous. I thought I’d misplaced this color and I don’t have another green quite like that. I adore her stuff.

Now you have some places to shop around let’s talk about other ways to save.

Let’s say I am here in the Pacific Northwest but, I have my eye on some awesome stuff across the pond. Like Barry M (I LOVE their stuff too.) I might find a make up loving friend to split an order with. Matter of fact, no matter where you are, splitting an order with a friend is a damn fine idea.

You can work out shipping etc between the two of you, or more. Say you, your sister, your friend, her girlfriend all want some Mac stuff. Maybe you live near a Mac store. Make up a list, work out sales tax and have everyone paypal the buyer the loot, then the buyer ships everything off and voila. Or you get say a couple of full pigments and split them.

Learn to love the samples people is my point here. I have a metric butt ton of them. And with the fairly long lifespan of loose shadows you can play with color on the cheap for months.

What I do is save up 15-25$ once in awhile and just go nuts. There is nothing quite so lovely as knowing I only spent say 18$ and getting a package with a bunch of sparklies for my face.

So go forth and get some samples my darlings. And I expect a full report when you come back.

Next time, I’m going to talk about looking for awesome make up at cosmetics outlets, Big Lots etc. Stay tuned and fabulous.

Also for a look at all my make up pics to date see here.  I’m also still trying to work out the whole video making thing, for some reason I have no savant and I’m all idiot with it so if I can figure it out my mug in motion will be all yours.