Fabulosity for broke asses.

Hi my name is Shannon and I am a broke ass chick.

My budget for fabulosity is tight so I have mastered the fine art of being fabulous on a tight ass budget.

My friends, I am going to share with you how it is that I have crap loads of make up and yet don’t really spend a lot of money. Today in the first of a series I’ll talk about the stuff I do spend the big dollars on.

When you’re getting into or are into make up but don’t have a lot of money to spend it’s important (at least in my not expert opinion) to decide what items are super important to you.

For me my main serious business items are foundation, face primers and powders.

In my stash the most expensive items and the things I am most choosy about are those. I had a disasterous heart breaking affair with Mac Cosmetics Studio fix fluid that resulted in my skin going what can be deemed total insane bitchcakes.

The above is why I have no recent full face make up shots for the most part. It’s been about three months and my skin is just recovering.

Anyway, foundation is very important to me. I like buildable coverage that is not easily defeated by my immensly oily skin. I use Bare Minerals foundation in what used to be called Warm Deep. I never (or rarely)pay retail for it and here’s how.

Prior to picking out your foundation of choice head to your local Sephora, department store etc where there are make up counters and ask to be color matched. Ask the make up artists any questions you have, get a sample if you can and make note of your shade. I will also do this for face powders and primers.

Next fire up your mad Ebay skills. When buying make up on Ebay yes, sometimes there are frauds but I personally haven’t bought fraudulant or otherwise bunk products. Look for items that are listed as being sealed.

Other ways to save. Join whatever company’s mailing list and keep track of things like free shipping codes, anniversay sales, birthday discounts etc. I like to time my big purchases so that when these things happen BAM I get my fancy stuff.

Also when you find sellers you like on Ebay get their announcements. I think I may have mentioned this before but it never hurts to start a relationship with a reputable seller. It never hurts to say, hey I see you sell a lot of X product if you get some in X shade I really want some. People want to sell you things so there is the chance you will get what you want.

Next tip, seriously do these things. Join Make up Alley, then join LJ and then join some make up communities. There are lots of people who sell make up and if you has paypal you can has sparkly bits for your face.

Once you join Make up Alley you can earn good feedback and away you go.

My other tip is to save. Completely obvious of course but it works. I like to price out expensive things I want or need and even just saving the change from your coffee or making coffee instead of buying it a few times a week.

That’s it for today Cheekans. My next installment I’m going to talk about sampling, small companies, and the wonders of splitting the cost of items with a homie. Also since my skin has recovered I will take some nekkid skin pics and talk about how I work with my super oily, sensitive, prone to scarring face.

Until then.