Zoya Polish Exchange

Zomg, it’s like Zoya saw me procrastinating, saw me sighing with half-relief that the end-date for the original polish exchange had ended! Because they have extended it.

If you didn’t catch it the first time around, Zoya nail polish has an exchange program – for every bottle of old, crusty, unloved polish that you send them they will send you a beautiful new lovely bottle of Zoya polish for free.

Well, they say free – but there is still a processing fee, which is $3 per bottle. Still, for Zoya, that’s a good deal. Which is why my little cache of unfortunate shades is going to wind up being packed off to them good and proper.

Just as soon as I finalize what shades to trade for….

Check out the Zoya Polish Exchange – and tell me what colors you’re swapping for. I could use the ideas. *grin*