Half-Moon Manicure

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of half-moon manicures all over the nail polish blogs that I love. So I just had to try it for myself. I stopped at the office supply store on my way home for supplies (you’ll see where this comes in) and set to it. If you’re wanting to try this, set aside a couple of hours. Now that I’ve got the routine down, I should be able to do it faster but there’s no cheating drying time – and that’s a crucial element of this manicure.

You’ll need to start with your regular routine. I use a hydrator from SEPHORA by OPI and Seche Clear as a base coat.

And make sure you have some of these:

I applied a single, even coat of China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway, a nice dark blue creme.

And then I let it dry. And let it dry. And let it dry. Make sure your polish is really, really, really dry.

Take a reinforcement and cut it in half. And stick one half of it to your nail, where the half-moon should be. Make sure there are no bubbles. This is why it’s so important for your base color to be dry dry dry – if it isn’t, it’ll pull up with the sticker.

Now, polish it! I’m using Bahamian Escape, a light creme blue – this is opaque in one coat which is kind of important.

Now, patience. I’m bad at patience. So bad. But I’m trying to learn.

Continue to stick half stickers of reinforcements on your nails.

When the half-moon is dry, peel off the sticker. This is what you get:

Add a shiny top coat and you are SET. I used Seche Vite:

Now, you can see that some of my edges are… less than crisp. See my lack of patience, as mentioned above!

I’m having a hard time photographing this stuff but I kind of love it in person.

My right hand is MUCH neater because I waited for the polish to dry. See, patience is super important. Now I need to go clean up my edges!