Shannon is angry but fabulous.

Okay rant time.

As we have seen with photographic evidence I am a Black woman. I am a milk chocolatey shaded Black woman.

I am really annoyed today. I am annoyed because I have a love of supporting small business and whatnot but you know what, fuck you small mineral make up companies. Fuck you right in the ear.

I am saying that because I have been on the hunt for new things to try and 95% of the sites and shops I come across make products that are only appropriate for people up to a tan person and screw the rest of us.

And it’s always the same excuses. I have spent time (not recently because I don’t feel like it) emailing makers of fine sparkly bits asking why don’t they have foundations, primers, powders etc appropriate for brown people. The usual excuse is well I’m white so… Or the I don’t know anyone to help test.

I call double bullshit and shenanigans.

I would imagine if you are making make up than you probably understand that you could in all likelyhood purchase some foundations etc that are made for brown skin and figure out your own color combos.

Now my ire on this issue is not reserved for the little guys. But the big ones too and for them I’m naming names.

I have been wearing make up for a long time and once I had internet access about ten years ago I started writing letters to companies like Maybelline, Almay, etc. How was it that the cheap brand CoverGirl I’m looking at you, had figured out that women of color wanted access to decent cosmetics but the rest seem to not even think about it.

Not once did I get an answer from any of them. Just put on mailing lists and sent coupons I couldn’t use.

It’s frustrating and it makes me angry because I feel forgotten. I feel left out and there is no reason for it.

There is no reason I should have to search high and low to just find a product that’s darker than tan nevermind finding something quality. There is no reason that every drug store in my immediate neighborhood (there are five of them) carries every shade of products up until you get to the brown ones.

I can understand that huge corporations probably don’t care. They’ve done the market research and they probably just don’t care.

But the little companies stick in my craw because as we all know, once word gets out that so and so makes some awesome products people will flock there. I know that I personally have turned on other women of color to cosmetics that are affordable and beautiful.

It’s 2009 I think at this point in the game more people would be looking at these things and saying, hrm we are leaving out a potetentially huge and profitable market. In terms of that, do you then just say oh well I don’t know brown people/understand brown colors/am not brown myself and let it go?

I’m only going to say this once.

Grow some balls.

Okay now I’m done ranting under the jump I have some new reviews of stuff, things that make me feel fabulous.

I freaking love Aromaleigh Cosmetics. I had some pocket money and last month I bought a ton of new samples. This is my budget beauty tip of the day. Companies like Aromaleigh that offer samples take advantage. You don’t have to have full size cosmetics. Especially if you’re just learning or exploring new looks or don’t live in the US.

First up I am completely ass over tea kettle in love with their Porcelaine Oil Control powder. I’ve probably mentioned that I have astonishingly oily skin and I was leery at first. But the first point in Aromaleigh’s favor is that the primer comes tinted in three shades.

This is important because magnesium based primers on dark skin can be a chalky nightmare. If you wear more sheer foundation that can show through and they thought about that which is awesome. I applied it with a velvety flocked pouf thing like this. I used Bare Escentuals foundation over that and dusted my face with Mac Blot powder.

I walk before work and get a little sweaty and often my face is shiny by the time I get to work. Not so with this primer. About five hours after I put my make up on my T zone was a little shiny but my face was more dewy than anything else and I can say that this stuff is fantastic. If your skin is dry I wouldn’t use it because it might cause your skin to flake or feel peely but my oily skinned homies, this is the poop.

I also tried out one of their shadows called Gleam. OH EM GEE. I love gold eye shadow but something about my skin tends to turn most either sheer or green. I applied it wet (using their Indelible Eyeliner sealant as a mixing medium)on a primed eyelid. And wow DING bright metallic true gold that is beautiful. Photographic evidence here:


My application was a bit messy due to having not slept in two days. But wow what a gorgeous color. I love this look and it’s really easy. Do your face first, then find a metallic eyeshadow you like. I’ve done this look with a bronze shadow, with blues, with purples. Apply it wet so you get a high bling factor appearance, I used cream liner and a small angled brush to do the cat eye. Tons of mascara and for me I needed bold lips and the end result was (I called this look Ready for War no seriously I did, I was insane tired)


I used a bit of a cheap drug store brand bronzer on my cheeks. NYC bronzer in something like summery. And on the lips Maybelline Superstay lip color in Cherry. That Maybelline lip color is really nice. I am prone to dry lips because I lick them (terrible habit), and I work in a constantly air conditioned enviornment which=dry lips. This product did not make my lips peeled and it looked and felt moist all day.

So there you have it. A review and a rant.